Monday, March 1, 2010

On the Menu

Just a supper time menu this week....

M - Lentil Walnut Pitas w/spinach and mushrooms
T - Black Bean Burritos
W- Steak(local grassfed) w/creamy mushroom sauce over brown rice with steamed cauliflower
Th- Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes and sweet corn(from the freezer from last harvest :)
F - BLTs (j's request) w/ homemade fries or salad or whatever tickles my fancy that day.
S - Black Bean Chili w/ cornbread and salad

For snacks (and lunches?)this week we have....

dried mango
a big bag of organic mandarin oranges :)
homemade crunchy granola (coconut, date)
hummus and pita and fresh veggies
and if we get around to it...homemade whole wheat graham crackers....

That's what is happenin' in our kitchen this week. What's cookin' at your place?  I'd like to know! Leave me a comment! :)


  1. Nothing as fancy as that! Tonight was spaghetti night... with fresh out of the oven Artisan bread!...tomorrow is breakfast for dinner night with pancakes, sausage, etc and Friday night is always pizza night. We might even try making the pizza crust with the recipe out of the book you loaned us. Thanks!

  2. I came across your site, and I have found it to be very inspiring. My mouth is watering reading your menu :) Do you have recipes posted anywhere?