Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Much Cuteness

Our little Hen is talking up a storm.  Tons of new words every day.  His new thing is that he asks, "How?" all the time.  Which I never really know how to answer because freaks me out a bit.  Does he really mean it?  And if he does then how much does he want to know? The first time he said it, happened like this.

He was crying and crying because he was in his crib and wanted me to pick him up.  I said, "Hen, just roll over."  He immediately stopped crying, looked right at me and said, "How?"  I was stupified for a second.  huh? did my baby just really say that? that's weird, right?  I think after a second of staring in disbelief I said something like "Here" and helped him get on his side and then he rolled over and sat up.  The crying was totally gone and he was as happy as a clam. (and yeah, it's a little weird too that at one year old he doesn't roll over and sit up on his own.  I have thought and thought about this and I think that it is just his personality.  He does know how to roll over but just wouldn't do it on his own if someone else will do it for him.  I used to know someone else like that.  ehem......but it wasn't me was it? *sheepish look*)
He also puts two words together.  Today it was, "want ball!"  Wow!  It's totally fun to experience all the newness of his speech springing forth.  

The following pictures are sooooo stinkin' cute.  Be forewarned.  ;)

Did you see the one where he is giving you the uh....the toe? That one cracks me up!  What a monkey he is!  I'm so glad to be the mommy of these little monkeys.  My heart is full.

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  1. Amazing how our children never cease to amaze us! Hurray for little "Hen"! :)
    It's so excited when they start talking!
    Caleb still never says anything coherent- he has his own language though thats for sure!
    The pictures made me giggle with glee! I LOVE that last one! eee! pure joy! How God has blessed you with your boys! <3