Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Welcome to the Dragon Newspaper
first edition

March 14th, 2010

Ezra is playing with his knight.  Papa is watching Lori eat his pizza .  Mama just got back from a  walk, and she found a little car.  She is watching a cooking show and Lori showed me the car that  Mama found on her walk.  Lori was playing with his car while Ezra went up stairs to get a Lego book.  He is now looking at it.  Ezra is kind of complaining about going to bed, but we went up stairs with Papa.  

Papa said we need to clean up the stuff  on the ground, so we started to clean up when my x-wing fighter Lego fell down from its shelf.  Papa and I fixed up my x-wing and then we got in our beds.  Mama and I read stories to the boys.  Then we fell asleep and that is that.
(typed mostly by Badger with a wee bit of help on how and when to make capital letters with the keyboard)

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