Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday.  The morning was rough.  The night before was .....let's just say....less than restfull.  There were many factors contributing to this but what is more important for you to know besides all the reasons that I did not keep my cool.  At all.  I was tired and grumpy and I let my family know about it.  Breakfast was eggs, toast, and a side of indigestion. Oi.

The good news is that I quickly saw my behavior for what it was and humbled myself to beg pardon.  (totally because God helps me with this and for no other reason than His love and Grace)  J went off to work and surrounded by slightly disheartened but quick to forgive boys, I cleaned up breakfast determined to restart the day off much better.

We decided to do something we've been meaning to do for awhile but haven't made time for.  For a family of four boys this usually involves some kind of adventure involving seeing some kind of animal.  Snakes?  Turtles?  Owls?  What is it going to be this time?!?  

Eagles!  Yes I think we can perhaps find an eagle or two today.  We do live within a short drive of a place that has lots of them.  Or so I'm told.  We get out our book about Raptors.  We get out the map.  We find the binoculars and pack the diaper bag.  Sunglasses? Check.  Water bottles? Check.  Potty?  Check.  Shoes? Check.  Anything else?  Yes, I did remember the baby, thanks.  Okay....ready go!

So off we went.  A beautiful day for a drive.  (Coffee? Check. must not fall asleep.)  We enjoy the view from the windows of the van.  Hills and valleys.  Sunshine.  A stream that seems to follow us wherever we go.  Old train cars.  Ahhh....this is good.

We get to the Big River and find the trail.  We see the river, the river's edge, the sand, the sky, the magnificent trees.  It was just the adventure we hoped for.  We hiked for a good while picking up rocks, going through brambles, staying on the river's edge hoping to see an eagle.   And just at the last minute as we were ready to turn around and head to the van, we saw them!  Four eagles circling over the river.  They were soaring quite high so we didn't get a good look at them, but we did see them!  

And...on the way home we stopped at a creek off the highway that has an area that is a public fishing spot.  It was really fun to wander there.  No one was there.  Just us.  In the middle of this field.  And this little creak, the water so clear that we could see the bottom.  We searched for crayfish and tadpoles.  Nope, still too cold.  But we did see two minnows!  And lots of interesting algae.  And a hawk with a white belly and head...or was it an owl?  We couldn't tell.

Then back home again.  Where everything felt more restful and at peace even though there were the everyday chores still waiting for us.  We settled into them and into our groove, ending the day much, much better than we started.  

The Lord is my shepherd.....
he leads me beside quiet waters, 
he restores my soul.

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  1. YES! the great outdoors has saved this family more than a few times...i'm glad you had that restart...