Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Wilderness Behind the House

So there is this woods behind our house.....and it's a strange little place.  Strange because it feels like a really wild place, yet it is in the middle of our town.  It is somewhat small but has such old tall trees, several of which are dying (which really peeks my curiosity!) and they give the area such an old "untouched" feel.  Anyway....we've decided to claim it as ours this year.  And what better time of the year to clear some paths between the brambles than Spring?

We've been trimming back the "pokey things" as Owl calls them. (brambles...lots of brambles...i get almost giddy thinking about all the berries that will soon grow in my own little wilderness!!!)  We've been moving dead branches out of the way and of course helping disperse the burrs.  There are sooo many birds that live in the woods.  A few different kinds of woodpeckers, ravens, robins, bluejays.  The woodpeckers are quite bold, stopping right in front of us to have a little squabble with each other.  Today we also saw a huge wild turkey!!!!  It was so cool!  The one thing we haven't seen yet, for which I'm thankful, is the resident skunk.  We know he's there, because we can smell a gentle hint of him. But don't worry, we always are sure to move slowly so as to give him plenty of time to get away from us so he doesn't have to spray.

I hope to post some pictures soon.  We're planning to go out at dusk with papa and take another walk on the path.  There is still so much to explore!

ps. we want to name the woods!  but we have yet to come up with a creative name.  Any ideas? Leave us a comment!

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