Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best Made Plans....

I love to write things on the calendar.  You know, like birthdays and appointments and playdates...that sorta thing.  I never ever was the kind of girl to keep a calendar when I was younger but now that I am home so much I find it fun to keep track of the things coming up.  This is of course spurred on by my eldest boy's interest in knowing what day it is and what the plan might be.  (he also likes to cross the days off when they are finished.)  Anyway....on the calendar for the 27th of March it said a very fun thing....."out with J".  I wrote that on there after our valentine's plan to go out to dinner fell through because the boys had the flu. 
J and I were both really looking forward to the date.  We rarely get time for each other, and rarer still do we get to go OUT on a date.  (not complaining here just being truthful)  So as the day approached we both kind of nervously joked about having to cancel.  Then friday, the day before date night, Hen came down with a fever and I admit I was really disappointed.  

Saturday the fever was higher and he was definitely too sick for us to go out.   There were several moments of grumpiness as we decided how to recover the evening.  The boys were disappointed too as they were looking forward to a night with grandma.  We decided on pizza and a movie.  J half joking half sarcastic said "It'll be a party!" and went out to get the pizza.  While he was gone I was busy tending to little Hen so I didn't notice what the other boys were quietly working on in the other room.  I was sooo pleasantly surprised!

When papa came home there was a sign on the door.  It said, "Let's Party!"  And each boy had a similar sign taped on his shirt.  Also, there was a paper crown for papa to wear and they also drew a party scene on the chalkboard for the occasion.  :D

J proudly wore the crown all night.  We snuggled in all together and had a cozy little night.  Just a different way for J and I to spend the night together, and although it wasn't what we planned it was very good indeed. 

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