Monday, March 15, 2010


Today the sun was shining.  We journeyed out shortly after breakfast to the local natural food co-op to put in our bulk food order. (raisins and peanut butter this time)  The sun was so warm and the walk so very pleasant.

Today we had a picnic in the backyard.  Birds were everywhere.  Everywhere.  Such a brilliant sound from them.  We ate cashews and dried apples and leftover birthday cupcakes and talked about the splendor of spring. (and somehow ended up discussing whether or not platypus are marsupials or not.  do they have a pouch?)

Today Badger finished his first edition of the Dragon Newspaper.  This is a newspaper about us.  It is so cool.  I love it!  He actually sort of tricked me into purchasing it.  (25cents) What a little business man he is.  The second edition is still being edited. (update: Badger sold the second edition, complete with illustrations this time, to papa. another 25cents.  with the instruction that papa was not to share it with anyone unless B received another 25cents.)

Today I weeded the strawberry beds and pulled last year's asparagus stalks down and shook the seeds around in the dirt.  I was surprised to see how plentiful the new strawberry bed looks.  Tons of little green plants everywhere, even in the path next to it.

Today the boys and I cleaned out the sandbox and got out the dump trucks and diggers.  And shovels and buckets.  Badger and Owl played in the sand while Cricket and Hen were swinging, swinging.  

Today we drew animals and colored them in and cut them out.  Then took turns hiding them around the house in a place where they were camouflaged.  Then took turns hunting for them. (thanks dear cousins for this idea!)

Today we played hide n seek at the park.  And Hen went down the slide for the first time.

Today I took Millie for a long walk just at dusk.  And met the man who owns the big pear tree off the bike trail.  He told me to come back in fall to share in the pears because there are so many.  

Today I wrote on the blog what we did today, and felt thankful that I have a place to write about our journey.  


  1. What a great day! Any chance of posting the Dragon Newspaper online? I think you could get some subscribers. Set up a paypal account for that business badger of yours.

  2. It's funny that you said that because he has already asked if we could use the blog to "publish" it. So....look for it soon!