Saturday, March 13, 2010


It occured to me that some of you are probably dying to know how big our little puppy is getting.  ;)  So here is an update and a few pics of our Millie. 
This picture perhaps shows how not-so-little she is now.  Her back is about as high as the futon now.  Her tail just the right height to conveniently knock anything lightweight right off the coffee table. 
She has lost the last of her puppy teeth.  The boys and I found one (i stepped on it actually) and it was very interesting to look at.  It's nice that her teeth are less sharp now (those puppy teeth are soooo pointy!) and that she is learning bite inhibition really well. (unless you are a sock or a foot with a sock that is kinda whoppy)
She also is a great companion to walk with.  Most days I take Hen in the backpack and Millie on the leash and am able to manage quite well.  She is even learning how to walk on the leash next to the double stroller.   Also, she lets Badger hold the leash and is quite gentle with him.  He takes her out during the day and it is good for him to learn how to meet her needs even when he may not feel like it.  It's good for all of us really.  And more importantly she is a friend.  A snuggle buddy.  Someone who is always eager to see you.  She is patient.  And...she licks up the crumbs under the table which I find quite useful.
Look at that face.  Isn't she just sooo cute?

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  1. adorable! thanks for sharing pictures! i always loved when we had a dog to clean up the mess under the highchairs and stray crumbs. haha, it IS quite useful! :P