Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How It Is...

 Well, it's been two months now since our little babe's arrival.  She's added so much to our days.  So much.  It is almost silly to try to capture it in words, because whatever can be said just won't capture it all.  Yet, I really find myself wanting to save this time forever in my mind's eye.
 Her little body that so easily snuggles in.  Her soft hair that smells of newness and wonder.
 Her tiny toes.
 How one day she just magically had eyelashes that weren't there before.  How her hair grew long enough to flip over her ears just so.
 I've had to rediscover baby-wearing.  (so glad!)  And how to manage the day's work and flow with another person in our home!  She wants to be entertained!  She wants to talk to someone and be held constantly!  But she is such a joy, and there is always someone in this big family (i can say big now right?)willing to give her some love!
 She sits up in her bumbo chair already.  At just two months.  Look at those cheeks!

What else have we been doing this summer?  Well...we've been playing a lot of baseball.  A lot.   The three oldest boys have all been participating and enjoying every minute of it.  Unfortunately I could only find photos of Cricket, but considering I had to take all five kids by myself most of the time I think it's pretty wild that I got any pictures at all! Ha!
 We've also been creating.  I have a whole post on some of the art that these boys have been'll have to wait for that.  But in the meantime, here is some Lego art that Badger made for a Lego contest that he recently entered.  The contest was to design a room in Jabba the Hutt's house.  Our boy decided to make a movie theater.  (note the droids are selling popcorn....and yes, on the screen is Cars the movie)
 We've also been visiting friends and family.  On a recent visit to my parents' house we found this old relic.  My brother's old table tennis game.  We used to play this thing all the time. (do you remember uncle b?)  The boys totally loved it!

 And of course we've also just been doing a ton of this.  Yep, holding that baby girl.
 J seems to be taking it in stride.  He's such a good papa that way.  And for the record at first he was giving me a hard time about all the dresses and pink things and how much time I spend picking out outfits for her.  (it's true, I do)  But the other day I caught him commenting that her dress was not very cute so I know he cares too! :)
 I love this photo!  J reading to the boys from a 3D book about snakes.  Look at how big Owl is getting.  He's only 6, but wow.  He's growing up fast.  And that's how it goes.  The days just go tumbling by.  And if you don't stop and notice them it's all past before you know it!  So..this post is me doing just that.  Noticing.