Monday, January 31, 2011

To J, On Your 35th Birthday

As I write this, our fourth son, the boy who is my little "you", is in my lap proudly saying "Mama! Papa!" as he looks at these pictures of us.  His hands, little miniatures of yours, pointing at the screen.  
Today as I rocked this little feverish man, holding him all day, I thought of you.  I thought of our beginning, and our "I do", and how far we have journeyed together.

 J & I our first year together
 At music school together

I thought about how crazy our coming together was.  Me yelling "I have a crush on you" across campus that moonlit night.  How the next time I saw you, you squeezed my hand.  How you picked me those little purple flowers that spring and I pressed them in my book of Tennyson, because I knew that I wanted to keep them forever.  

I was so young and foolish then.  A whirlwind that caught you up in the beauty of things. rooted me.  I felt planted when I was with you.  I still do.

 J in Venice (a few days before we were engaged)  
This trip was so surreal.  Touring, singing, and being so sick with colds.  Seeing all the beautiful things with you.  Feeling like we belonged in the world.  

Life with you has been so good.  Better than I could've imagined.  It isn't a whirlwind of romance anymore.  But it's so much more than that.  So much better than I even knew could be.  You have taught me what real love is and I'm so glad for your patient heart.   

Thank you for working so hard for our family.  For going to work every day for us.  Thank you for giving me these beautiful boys.  Thank you for loving them, and cultivating them with so much care.  Thank you for listening to me even when you're tired and for loving me even when I am a porcupine.
 I always am at my best when I'm at your side.
I love you.
Happy 35th Birthday.


  1. so romantic! happy bday, brother!!

  2. LOVE these pictures! was the first one taken at audrey and scott's wedding?i remember when you called me collect from italy to tell me J had proposed and i was like "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!....wait-a collect call from italy? who is going to pay for this?" LOL
    happy birthday, J (((hug)))

  3. Pics are a blast from the past. Sorry to hear Litte Hen has a fever. Is he better, along with Cricket. Did anyone else get sick. Thank you for the B-Day gifts. I have been reading and enjoy looking at the hearts. i took off today because of the storm. Did taxes, files, etc..hope your day was good. lol

  4. belated birthday wishes! i second the romantic story... i guess getting engaged in europe runs in the family! happy personal new year!!!!! looking forward to knowing you for many to come!!! love and blessings