Wednesday, January 5, 2011

These January Days

making a tent out of silk scarves

 figuring out the potty

 baking apricot oat bars

 learning that the littlest brother is actually fun

 building class with papa

I'm sure if you asked the boys what the best part of the past few days is, they would answer "Building with Papa!"  It's been really nice to watch them together.  The older two get to stay up a little later and have some building time, while the littler two and I get to do bedtime without them.  The littlest is especially glad about this arrangement because they get to read all the "little boy" books they want.  I must've read every Bob the Builder book in the house at least twice that night.  :)  We are planning on making this a weekly thing.  Building class on Tuesday nights.  I wonder what their next project will be!

1 comment:

  1. looks like so much fun!!! tools are fantastic and how great to have that time with ones dad! i would get to use tools with my dad when i was a kid... and those are some of my fondest father memories!