Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Boys' New Project

We are all excitement over here!  

So excited that they are all happy and in one spot!  What has their attention?
These little guys.  Oh you can't see them?  Well....they are hermit crabs.  The boys have been wanting to keep some crabs for quite some time. (like over a year) And I am all for following interests, but at the same time have been putting it off because I like to protect our priorities a bit and not just create more work for something that is just a fleeting fancy. (not that fleeting fancies are all bad)

Earlier this month I got my hands on a copy of this book, which I've been wanting to read.  It's all about simplifying your life so that you can be free to live more fully.  It walks you through how to think about your lifestyle, how you want your family to be and then how to organize your house to make it a place that cultivates that lifestyle.  It's really a great book.  The second half of it actually walks you through the process of going through your house room by room and getting rid of unneeded stuff!  Whoo hoo!

I mention this because, it was this book that finally helped me rehome our beloved fish and put away our giant fish tank for awhile.  It was one of those things that everyone loved but no one wanted to help with, and it had become a burden for me to keep it clean.   We also recently went through all of our books and movies and got rid of stuff that honestly wasn't worthy of our time.  With the money that we got from selling these we purchased our new little friends.  The boys loved the concept of making money out of something we already had and putting it to use for a new adventure.  Hurray!

We spent last night all gathered round watching the little guys race around the room.  Hen especially is interested and it's so fun to watch him explore just how close he can get before the crab snaps shut in his shell.

 Papa even got in on the fun.  One crab kept trying to go up his pant leg.
 I had my camera handy and had a nice time catching some photos of the boys.

And here they are up close.  
And, Bravery.


  1. how fun! kate has been asking for hermit crabs since her cousin got some for her birthday last year.But I think we're going to wait awhile yet.but They are sooo cool, i used to have one when i was young and remember loving just sitting and watching it!

  2. oh my gosh. i will hope hope hope that they live until we can see them in april!!! i had fiddler crabs once (as an adult) that some friends gave me and i was so attached that i kept the shell of the male when he died for waaaaaay too long. dan thought it was creepy, but i really thought he was neat.

  3. their names were tinto and zamora, named for a wine we currently fond of.