Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Icy Art

Snow.  Cold.  Ice.  January.
It's been hard to get the gang outdoors, since it's been in the single digits here for days on end.
So I sent them out to find some treasure.  
For an art project.
Who let that boy outside in ten degree weather with holes in his jeans?
He came back with this.
 They each filled a pan with pretty things, and arranged them just so.
 Then we filled them with water.
We all guessed how long it would take for them to freeze, but we were waaaay off.  Even I didn't guess it would take more than 7 hours for it to freeze completely.  (we don't know the precise time, because we stopped checking after dark.  faint of heart, i know, but single digits.)
 In the morning we brought them in for a look.
 The day was lovely, so we all went out to find places for our ice suncatchers to hang.
 It seemed a shame to disturb this artwork to hang our own.

This was such a fun project for us.  They look just lovely as the light comes through, and it will be fun to watch them change and melt as winter finishes its fury and blows away for another year.

ps.  you may have noticed that the black walnut from the original photo is not included in the frozen art.  a hungry squirrel collected it before the water had frozen!

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  1. Super cute idea! I love it! I am definitely going to try this one (but not tomorrow, I promise)