Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taking Notice

The day started well.  Fresh snow.  Berry cakes.  The last of the brambles from summer's goodness.  Warm coffee and a place on the bench next to my beloved.   J and I now sit together on the bench at the table.  We started it to break up a kid brawl, but decided it was a good move.  Coffee is always better with your man when you are accidently brushing shoulders.

 When J headed off to work this morning I admit I felt a little overwhelmed.  It seems we have not fully climbed out of the lazy holiday times, and the house is still a bit messy too.  As I cleaned up the breakfast dishes I chatted with my Cricket and noticed his long, long hair.  Oh yeah, I have to cut hair too, was my thought.  Why is it that I see the things that need to be done, instead of the people that need to be loved?  I mean, both are important, but why do I let the things that need to be done make me feel overwhelmed? Shouldn't I just dig in with a cheerfulness that comes with loving and serving those around me, those that I love?

 (this pic is because I know you all were wanting to know what he was drawing!)

So after one more cup of coffee I dug in!  Haircuts for everyone!  And three hours later, I kid you not, they were done!

 After lunch, we went outside to play in the snow.  It was the first fresh snowfall in a while, so it was extra enjoyable.  Hen learned how to pull the sled.

 Badger worked on a snow fort, although I think he decided there wasn't enough snow afterall.
 And Cricket, after making some snow angels decided to pull Hen around the yard.
This is my favorite moment from the day.  Big brother helping put on a mitten.  He was super patient as he helped with this, over and over again.  And it was a good reminder to me about my own attitude and how I too want to be so kind.

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  1. nice drawing! great haircuts.... you are good at that girl!!! go super momma!