Monday, January 24, 2011


You may remember, a while back I started sharing The List with you here on the blog.  It started around Thanksgiving, when I was pondering what it meant to be thankful, wondering how to teach this to our boys.  Then, fatefully, I stumbled upon Ann, at a Holy Experience and things began to change.  She just has a new book out now, called 1,000 gifts and it is phenomonal.  Life Changing.  And I'm only 3/4 of the way through it.  I would tell you more about it, but I think the best way to find out is to go watch the book's trailer here.  Seriously, go watch it.  (just scroll down a wee bit to the picture of the boy with the fish!) The trailer in itself is really, really beautiful.

Now....about the List.  I've realized that being thankful is not just a feel good thing.  It's not something to do when you have time and want to see your life through rose colored glasses.  It is consciously choosing to accept God's gifts.  It takes practice.  It brings joy.  It changes you.

See the thing is, I've tasted it now.  And I want more.  So, I've begun in earnest.  I have a book on my counter open all the time and I'm writing the words down.  Little glimpses of how God sees me.  His call to me.  His love.

#4.... little boy's drawing of another knight.  the carefully drawn armor.  his stories. his thoughtfulness. light of the sunset over the snow.

#6....boys pretending to be hermit crabs on the kitchen floor.  tucking into their shells whenever I walk near.

#7....snuggly dog.....

#8....snuggly dog that cleans up spills.'s willingness and good humor to do the exercise video with me.

#16... tea and scones with my boys.  little hands cupping tea, and whipped cream smiles.

I'm still counting....still missing much that I don't see....but I feel as though I'm being opened up....softened a seed that is just now starting to understand that it is okay to grow now.  To let it happen.  It might hurt....being alive always does. Growing pains.  But I'm going for it anyway.


  1. dear aunt reba, pleas mace theas with me in aprul.! love eliza!