Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Journey Begins

Sunday night is upon us.  J and I are getting settled in for the last few hours of his vacation.  (He may or may not be in his pjs on the couch already.) Christmas was delightful.  It was really nice having the festivities at our home.  The boys are still lingering over their gifts with all the excitement that new Legos can bring, and J seems relaxed and refreshed from his time away from work.  I am so thankful for having this long holiday with those I love.

And...tomorrow is Monday.  Dear old Monday....with all its challenges and opportunities.  

As 2009 wraps up this week....I am looking forward.  New things are on the horizon.  The boys are growing and changing every day.  J and I are slowly gathering more time for each other as little Hen starts being a wee bit more independent from me.  There are grain mills to test out (more on that soon!) and new board games to try.  Walks to be had. (millie had me add that part in.)  And then of course this new blog!  

There is so much growing here at our house.  We may not have a dairy cow (yet...) but J and I decided we are indeed a "farm".  Mostly because farming involves intentional cultivation.  Plowing and sowing, weeding and watering.  Doing the hard work that is necessary for a bountiful harvest.  And that is what we do here.  Whether it's digging potatoes, pruning apple trees, or cleaning out the chicken coop.  We are invested in our harvest.

Growing these boys is our most important endeavor.  Our most precious harvest.  I'm looking forward to having a place to archive our journey this year.  So much is happening here, under the trees, that is worth remembering.


  1. thanks for starting this blog! i'm excited to have the oppertunity to follow your lives and experience the day to day wisdoms that rise from your family farm! i love the way to have articulated your views on raising the kids and can hrly wait to see what's next! love to you all!

  2. This is great, Rebecca! We will love this little window into your every day to help us feel a little bit closer...