Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cozy times and Colds

The boys came down with a bugger of a cold right before Christmas. (sorry we got you sick Grandma J)  It is the kind of sickness where you are still able to function for the most part except for the snotty nose and foggy head. Ick.  Even poor Hen is sick and J came home from work last night and crawled right in bed. *sigh* 

The good news is that I was glad to have an excuse to not let the kids gorge themselves on sugary treats over Christmas and also that sickness often leads to quieter times.  We've been curled up on the couches with tea and books and even some Harry Potter movies. (j's xmas gift from my mom)  And even in this tougher circumstance I am glad for the comfort of our warm home and for the comfort of being with each other.  There have been some really lovely play times with the boys that I have been privileged to share in.
Playing with the new SCUBA playmobil sets in the sink.  Finished up today with some playing in the tub.  They were delighted to find that the submersible actually sinks, thanks to the metal floats, and the guy inside stayed dry! 

There were also some pancake men for supper to cheer us up yesterday after our long day of mama not having too much time for anyone other than Hen. (snot and teething do not make for a happy baby) The boys have been wanting to make these ever since reading about them in Little House in the Big Woods.  We also made homemade doughnuts from the Little House Cookbook, which is the recipe that Almanzo's mother would have made when he was young.  (no not for the same meal...i think it was this past weekend?) Sorry no pics of those, they were gone before I could grab the camera! 

Despite these cozy times, I struggled a bit these past two days as I often do when circumstances seem to get the better of me.  I admit that a fussy (think biting) baby and snotty noses and a messy house and a rambunctious puppy had me utterly worn out yesterday by 6pm, and when J called to say he was going to be late and that he was feeling really ill, I was such a grump in my spirit! (ok maybe on the outside too?)  I am learning to get through it though with less disastrous results for those around me.  I don't have any magical answer for you all as I don't have it all figured out yet.  But I do know that it has to do with prayer and patience and a willingness to be humble enough to change.  (and that phone call from you dear A, helped so much too! )

I think I'll pray about this some more as I catch up on my chores.  God....I'll meet you in the laundry room.

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