Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year of "I Will"

It's named.  2011.  The year of "I will".

I will do what I know needs to be done, in a timely fashion with a cheerful heart.

I will stop and listen.

I will be present in the now and learn to experience what is happening instead of living in the past or future.

I will be more patient.  More kind.  More quiet spirited.

*I* will be the one to clean up the mess, even though I didn't make it.  *I* will help out.  *I* will.

I will love that person that is hard to love, even when I'm tired or busy.

I will be diligent in choosing a healthy lifestyle even when I don't feel like it.

I will.

Because I'm loved.  Because I want to model this to my children.  Because I want to be this for my spouse, and parents, and friends.

It's not a resolution.  It's a changing of the heart.  And a choice.  And it's only by Grace.

much love to you for this new year, friends....


  1. Thanks for sharing. this is encouraging for me.

  2. your life and friendship are an encouragement to me. <3

  3. Oh dear L! How I miss you! My lemon tree is flowering!!!!! I know I haven't sent you a card to thank you but it's only because I'm making you something! I hope to send it out soon! Be on the lookout! <3

  4. i like your post! it is a REVOLUTION in thinking, being and loving... one for all of us to participate it... and with that we can change the world! thanks for the inspiration and courage . xo