Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reading and Writing

Learning at home has been really rewarding lately.  We've had several days where each boy has been really engaged in what we've been doing as a group!  And several moments where everyone has been involved in their own thing so that Mom can spend time one on one with them.  How or why this happens I do not know.  Because honestly, there have been several less inspired moments of homeschooling these boys.  I suspect though, that it has something to do with capturing their heart!  When in doubt make them fall in love with you.  No, really!  Show them that you care about their heart, and then your relationship enables learning and being in harmony.  For real.  But, I digress.....

I have been working on building Cricket's confidence in the reading arena.  He is so capable but doesn't always believe he is.  So....this week I made him a scavenger hunt.  Always a good idea to encourage reading.  This one was secret writing.  White crayon on white paper.  Then at the start he received his first clue and a marker!
 I stuck with just one word per page because I wanted him to feel super successful! Socks.  Go socks drawer!
He ended up with a small ziploc of organic chocolate chips.  :)  I'd read for chocolate too.

The next reading and writing activity we have recently tried are Writing Journals.  I just bought each boy a writing pad.  Then each day I write a word, put a sticker, cut and glue a picture, or draw them a picture for them to write about.  I've thought about starting a story too, and having them finish it.  They love it!!!
 Badger's story.
Cricket's Story.

I loved writing stories when I was a kid, and I hope my boys will too.  So far so good!

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