Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday, Badger accidentally crashed his heavy plastic fire helmet into Cricket's cheek.  ouch. Cricket howled.  It was a rather big bump and Badger, who felt really sad for his brother, went to fetch the icebag.  Cricket was fine.  He settled in to watch "Emma" with me (the boys LOVE Jane Austen :) and Badger went off to play.  Or so we thought.  

A little bit later....after some "mama, where is the tape?" and "mama, where is the scissors?" Badger rounded us all up to do some "birding".  In Cricket's Monster Mailbox there was a piece of paper with clues to the bird's names and we hunted around till we found them all.  Sooo fun! Here are a few of the birds from the big hunt. :)

a black capped chickadee
a crow
a mallard 
and a blue heron. 
(found in the shower of course, because herons like water)
There have also been many messages written in code ready for us to decipher and pictures where things are hidden in the picture with a list of things for us to find.  Thanks for creating these for us Badger!  I love your creativity and that you want to make fun things for us to do.


  1. ok, you know how much i am loving this! birding and scavenger hunts - two of my favorite things!