Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day with Grandma

Every once in awhile we are blessed with a day with Grandma.   Today was one of those days. Owl woke up today and first thing he said was, "Is it tomorrow, mama?"  Yes honey it IS tomorrow.  (Not technically correct, but I knew what he meant right?)  He responds,  "Oh, I'm glad.  Because Grandma is coming!!" and then more quietly...."sometimes I miss Grandma."  I know honey.  Me too.
Today while she was hear we......

made butter.
played outside.
played Boggle.
learned how to type on the computer.
ate Irish Soda Bread. (with homemade butter)
Played the camouflage game (again).
Went shopping for new rain boots. :)
Went out for ice cream.
Made a scavenger hunt for Cricket.
And played outside some more.
And made pistachio bread. (it's green. for St. Patty's day)

and all the while, even though all the time was spent focused on the boys, I felt like I had a companion.  Someone rooting for me.  Someone on my side.  Not that the boys are against me....just that she is a woman like me.  She understands.  She knows without me telling her. Yet, she doesn't mind if I do tell her, because she knows I might need to say it.  She knows I need to be heard sometimes, and she is willing to listen.  She is someone who delights in my children even when they are acting not so delightful.  I'm so thankful for this.
Thanks mom for the visit.  I love you.
and thanks for the new rain boots. I love them!