Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Cake

I love to make birthday cakes.  Especially crazy decorative ones.  The love of cake decorating was passed on to me by my mom.  She used to make me all kinds of beautiful cakes when I was a kid, mostly for birthdays, and I always felt really special that she did that for me. :)  Now...I do that for my boys.  They think it's fun and so do I.  I've made all kinds of crazy things.  Like the millenium falcon, R2D2, Redwall Abbey, a scuba cake, a fire truck, a dump truck and even a garbage truck!  

I also love to bake things that are made with freshly ground wheat and natural sweeteners.  Since this is Hen's first birthday I wanted to make him something that I wouldn't feel bad about him actually eating!'s what I came up with.  It all started with some homemade graham crackers.  Made with freshly ground wheat and some honey.  I decided to cut them out with these teeny little animal shaped cookie cutters.  Aren't they sweet?  
Here they are ready to go in the oven. 
Next I made some whole wheat banana cupcakes.  They were supposed to be sweetened with honey, but I forgot to put it in!  They were pretty good even without it. :)  The frosting was a honey cinnamon whipped cream frosting. (and a bit of chocolate frosting for decoration too)  Yum!


  1. YAY!!!! Happy Birthday to all of you!!! (and nice sequence of shots of the cupcakes - they look awesome)

  2. happy birthday, henry! and you too, mama reba!

  3. good job reba!! i loved reading and browsing all of the recent pictures and notes, etc :) lovely!