Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things we do this time of Year

Last weekend was the annual "Apple  Tree Pruning Weekend".  It is way more fun than it sounds.  I admit, we didn't get as much done as usual.  Why, you ask?  Oh....because there were even more fun things to do.  Like walk around downtown and get a hot chocolate.  And check out our new local shop which has thirty different kinds of bottled beer, caramel corn, and little handmade wooden train car toys all at the same time.  And the weather was springlike! ....which causes one to wonder a bit more than usual....and so we will extend our annual pruning "weekend" to two weekends this year.

We also are preparing for our new batch of spring chicks.  We will be ordering from Murray McMurray Hatchery this year.  What kind are we going to get?  Oh....you will have to wait and see! :)  But, I will tell you this much....the boys are each going to choose three of their own this year. (well not Hen...who is too young for a hen of his own..ha ha) Stay tuned to see what they pick out!

Also we are continuing to work on getting ready for the big remodel.  The toy room and laundry room are almost totally empty now.  The kitchen has nothing on the walls anymore.  The pantry is empty and moved into the temporary kitchen (the orange room off the kitchen) and last night J and I moved the refrigerator to that room too! Phew!  It's starting to look really empty in there, which is sad looking. (because the room itself is in such bad shape, and one notices this more when it's empty)  But it's totally exciting that we are approaching this new phase!  Tonight we are planning on meeting with the builder to firm things up.  How exciting!

I'll post some pics soon.  
love to you.
- us

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