Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cricket's News!

Notice anything different about our boy?!?
Yep! He lost a top tooth!!!  Here's another view......
I am so fond of the "getting bigger".  Do you know what I mean?  I wasn't sure at first, that I'd like the "getting bigger" because it comes with all kinds of things that seem hard to me.  For both the child and parent.  You see....I am pretty sure that I didn't do growing up very gracefully.  And when I think about my kids growing up.....I don't just seems clouded with some of the uncomfortable things I had to go through.  But as I see them "getting bigger" first hand.....I am realizing how beautiful the process is.  How amazing it is to experience the growing up with see them learn and think and wonder and become confident little people!~  What a blessing to be a part of that.  So, yeah...I'm fond of the "getting bigger."  And I say....bring it on!!

ps. to those of you who heard that Cricket perhaps broke his toe.....never was all of the sudden "healed" by going to a friend's to play lightsabers.  (within seconds of arriving he was running around!!)

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