Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Projects

Putting up wire shelves in the bathroom closet.  The boys helped hold the shelf while papa cut it down to size.  
No that is not our bathroom rug.  That's the dog lying there.  She has to be by her boys.  I was impressed that J got anything done with the whole gang in the bathroom while he worked.
Owl learning about the level.
The finished project.  I love it! Thanks boys. 

Papa also hung up the swing in the now empty toy room. (soon to be ripped up so we thought we'd enjoy the hooks on the ceiling while we can.)Hen LOVES to swing.
We changed out the swing with the rings.  Good times.
Cricket twisting on the big swing.  See Badger's feet are not on the ground. heh.
And so it goes.  A bit closer to the remodel, and enjoying each other during the process.


  1. putting swings inside was the best thing we have done for the kids. seriously, you're gonna love it!

  2. So fun to have a bright, sunny room just for swinging! Can't get enough of that Henry.