Monday, February 22, 2010

A Splash of Color

For the past several days, I've longed to tidy up the bedroom and have a nice photo for you all of the new color we painted in there!  But there has been so little time (because we've been sick), and truthfully any smidgen of time I've had I've spent blowing my nose, or helping someone else blow their nose. :)  So today...I just decided that tidied or not I would take a picture and post it!  Aren't I brave? ;) are some pictures of the painting. :)  If you haven't seen the "before pics" or if you need a reminder, click here.
The color is called Buttercream.  And here is one of my helper. 
And one of the finished job.  I told you it was untidy.  And the curtain is all screwy-louie.  But do you see the shelf?
I like the shelf.  It is from the kitchen.  You know, the one soon to be ripped up? And the wall where this shelf was will no longer be there so it was up for grabs. :)  I painted those frames with some fresh white paint and scuffed them up with a bit of sandpaper so they look aged.  I think it's nice.  And I'm glad to have a place for my wooden letter box and my favorite copy of Jane Eyre.  J says he likes it too and even hung the shelf for me in a super timely fashion to prove it. ha ha. (thanks J.)Here is one of the boys' room.  The paint was called Fresh Blue.  It's true.  It does look fresh.  And blue.  :)
Again, wow, untidy!  You must understand that we are recently new to not having a toy room, and there was some serious Lego building and imagining going on in there just a few minutes prior to me taking this.  And one boy was actually asleep with Legos in his hand.  I'm not sure what happened to the curtains in this picture either!?! Someone apparently went around and rearranged the curtains to his whimsy?  And how come I didn't notice it before I took the picture?  I dunno.

It's amazing what a little color can do.  Yet....well.....shoot....I was going to get all philosophical just then.   Let's just say, that paint doesn't fix everything.  Or come even close.  And I'm thankful to realize that.  Both for my house and for myself.  :)


  1. oooh i love it! great color choices! i love painting!

  2. I fully support these colors. LOVE . looks fantastic! I just love a new clean palette don't you? it just lifts the spirits having new colors around you. MMmm yay for color-therapy!