Friday, February 19, 2010

Closer to the Chaos

Well friends.....the remodel project is nearing.  The toy room is emptied,  all toys tucked away in the boys' freshly painted room.  It feels so bare in there now, and I can't help but feel like this is a significant step in our lives.  The kids are now old enough to keep track of their things (legos) and put things away in their room when they are finished with them.  Well Hen isn't quite there yet I guess, but with so many big brothers around he isn't much interested in "toys" just yet.  

Tomorrow my mum and dad will be coming for a help with packing up the laundry room and perhaps some of the kitchen things too.   J is going to install some shelving in the bathroom closet, (hurray!) and I am hopefully going to put the bedrooms back together.  This flu has really put a stop on that, but I am determined to get to it asap!

Things I am still trying to figure out about this process....well...I haven't figured out about the laundry yet.  Do we make the switch from cloth diapers for this wee little bit since we won't have access to laundry?  And what about the poor dog?  I mean, we can escape and go to friends or the library but what about her? And when exactly is it going to be warm enough to be outside in this land of always winter because I can not imagine having half the house ripped up without being outside for long periods of time??  

Owl woke up this morning and after greeting me with his "good morning mama!  did you sleep well?"  he walked over to the window and said "why is it still winter mama? are we in Narnia?"  He was totally serious.  So I tried not to laugh and said, "I don't know honey.  It does seem to be taking a long time to end doesn't it."  It is an understatement to say that we could do with some Spring around here.  We walked outside today and the boys were digging the grass out from the snow to help it be warm enough to grow.  I giggled at first seeing how innocent their endeavor was, but it also seemed kind of sad to me.  *sigh*

I'll leave you with a picture that Badger drew.  Titled Summer.  A look ahead to warmer days. :)
The brothers dressed in their outside knight costumes. (one of their favorite outdoor games) The grill in the bottom lefthand corner.  And in the bottom right hand corner it's hard to see but papa is lying down looking at the clouds and I am peeling papa a grapefruit. :)

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  1. eee! I cant wait for spring! Its a miracle every year :)