Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What we're up to...

Picking paint colors. No, not for the new kitchen just yet. We are actually going to paint the upstairs bedrooms just now. Why? Cuz. They need it and it's fun to paint and won't it be nice to have the upstairs "finished" when we have to hang out there the whole while the downstairs is being redone? (do you think perhaps for once the weather could forget how far north we are and just be warm and springlike in March so we could be outside during the construction hullabaloo?)

Going for walks in the warm weather.  Warm meaning in the low 30s. Splendid, splendid.  My favorite thing to do with this gang actually.  It is almost always a very grumbly start. (we have very concrete children. um, ok actually we have a very concrete child...ahem..badger...and he's loud and grumbly and makes it hard for us all) Once we are out in the bright shiny world he always relents and enjoys himself ever so much.  I wish I could have taken pictures of this but I am so occupied with holding hands and wearing the baby in the pack and breathing in the sunshine that I always forget the camera. *sorry*

Playing dress up.  Mostly the kids have been playing restaurant lately.  Nice chef hat there, Badger. (it doubles as a storm trooper helmet just because it can)
Owl dressed as a knight.  Can you see the tupperware cover "shield" and the funny green fabric sword in his hand? (the boys affectionately call that "the pickle sword" cuz it's kinda floppy)

Cricket playing scuba diver.  No that is not a table and stool that is a kelp forest. 
And playing lots of "find the country" (or body of water) with our hug a planet.  Badger LOVES that game and I admit I am learning a thing or two too. (hey, someone patch that boy's pants already)

I have been reading interesting things lately.  I want to share them with you, but I am still pondering them.  I do that. And sometimes I ponder for so long that I forget what I was pondering about.  So if you don't hear about them feel free to ask. 

Well...I'm off to take a "before" picture of our bedroom.  The painting is beginning very soon. :)

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