Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Ready...

So....we are on the verge here....of redoing half of the house.  The kitchen and dining room and toy room/laundry room are getting a makeover. :)  These plans are all very much contingent upon many things, but mostly on being sure that the money we have saved for this is indeed meant to be spent on this.  So far it seems like a go ahead. :)

This means many things.  It means....I will finally have a big double sink that can hold all the dirty dishes and that doesn't leak into the basement.  It means that the lead paint in the cupboards will be ripped out.  It means that there will finally be a toy room that has heat. :)  It means that our family will be able to live a little more comfortably and that having others over for fellowship will be way easier and more fun!  I am really excited about it.

It also means...that for a long while, perhaps a month or more....we will not have a stove or laundry facilities. eek!  It means that I will have to empty out all the kitchen cupboards and put it somewhere else!!! eek! eek!  It means that we will have no toy room and it will still be winter.  Oh Lord, please help us all! (i am only half kidding here...) on earth am I going to do this with four littles in the house and a puppy?  Well, we'll see.  I promise to keep you all updated.  My only goal for this project is that I want to stay peaceful and full of joy throughout the process.  To not stress out about it and to try to teach the boys a little bit about creativity and making do and how to share a small space in the process.

I'm off to make a pot of coffee and put dinner in the oven. (while i still can!  oh, what blessings we have in this land of plenty...) and to read and play and build with the boys.  Hen is in his highchair saying over and over again, "all done...all done....all done!" so off I go.....

this life is a beautiful journey....and i am blessed...


  1. sounds like exciting times! when i was growing up that my parents were re doing the bathroom them selves, meaning my dad was doing all the plumbing (learning as he went in the evenings after a long work day and on sundays when he was off of work) and my mom was doing all the painting and removal etc... well needless to say there was a learning curve and if i recall once gutted, it took a few months before the bathroom was useable, and several more before it was finished. i think there was a bath tub delays and electrical issues encased in the walls... it was an old house and one thing would always lead to another!
    i have many a fond memory of taking baths with my brothers in side by side concrete stationary tubs in the basement of the house! i remember it to be totally fun because my mom had to pick us up to get in. the three of us (we were really little then 5, 3, 1) all fit with room to spare!
    nice, coffee! good idea, i'm going to make some and get to painting.
    wish i was there to help out. xo

  2. You are welcome to come over and use my stove - I hardly ever use it. : ) Oh wait, I'm supposed to be making my own bread! I did buy ingredients on Monday and should get myself to the kitchen.

  3. You can do it Jessica!!! I think you really might find it is actually fun! Happy baking!