Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick days

Oi.  We are still illin'.  J is sick now too.  Poor guy.  He's super tough so when he is actually resting from sickness you know he is feeling pretty bad.  But, on the positive side, I think the rest of us are on the upswing.   Here are some pictures from our past few days.  It took some creativity on my part to keep the peace, mostly because Badger was too sick to get out of bed for a day and he is the one that naturally holds the other boys together.  I was quite glad that the middle two had the opportunity to figure out how to play together without B.  They do normally play together, just the two of them, for little chunks of time when Badger is reading or building something on his own.  But this was the whole day!  And I think they enjoyed one another's company. :)
We set up the tents in the front room. (yes, that is Mt. Washmore on the couch waiting to be folded.  In my defense, I was sick too.)
Lots of tea and coloring.  Our new Dover books arrived and I was glad to have some new History material and mazes and word games to keep us occupied while our bodies rested.
One afternoon we made applesauce.  Aren't the apples a lovely color?
This is my grandmother's food mill.  The wooden handle is worn from her touch.  It is a treasure to me.
These pictures are a bit random.  Two from our fish tank.  We spend a lot of time on quiet days watching our little friends under the water.  Hen especially enjoys it, because it's down on his level and he can pull himself right up to it. :)
A bit of algae on this old snail shell.
And our pleco fish.  He is an algae eater.  You know, the kind with a suction mouth on the bottom of his little head.  Aren't his "whiskers" cool.  I named him Larry, but Badger told me, in a tone that showed it was already decided, that his name was Spike.  I guess I've been told. 

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  1. lovely pictures rebecca! i sure enjoyed browsing and reading all of the latest news....sorry about the sickies....bless you and keep you <3