Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day of pictures

I was an early bird today. :) Up at five to nurse that wee babe, and then too awake to go back to sleep.  So I came downstairs and made some baked french toast with our new package of Red Ape Cinnamon.  It smelled soooo good. :)  After breakfast we settled in for some creative time.  We decided to make some mailboxes. Out came the art supplies.
Oh, I love you.
Owl loves to paint.  "I want the blue paint mama!" 
And here they are.......
Our monster mailboxes....
Ready to eat any valentine that comes this way~!  We really enjoyed making these.  The rest of the morning was spent making all kinds of valentines to put in each others mailboxes.  So fun. :)

This afternoon we played outside in the bright sunshine.  It was just lovely out today.  The snow was finally wet enough to make some snow creations which we've been waiting and waiting to do all winter long.  We had so much fun!
Badger's snow....chicken?  Yes, that's been confirmed.  It was a snow-hen.  :)
Owl's snow loader truck.  Hard to see in the pic, but he enjoyed it....that is...when he wasn't crying about the snow in his mitten.   Sometimes it's hard to be three.
Cricket's snow castle complete with stick-flag. 
Our snow gnome.
And last but not least, two pics of little Hen....because he's so darn cute.  I mean really, have you ever seen such a face?  His new tricks include....letting go while standing, saying lots of new words, and turning pages in books.
My favorite conversation from the week was between eldest boy and baby boy.  Eldest boy was eating some chocolate bunny crackers and baby boy some O's.  Eldest says, "Mine taste like chocolate.  What do yours taste like Hen?"  Hen says, clear as day...."Choc...late."  Then smiles his infectious grin like he knows just how clever he is.

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