Thursday, January 21, 2010

What we've been up to...

Another couple of lovely days with my boys.  I didn't take too many pictures, because...well...i was too busy enjoying the moment to think of it.  

The boys had a friend over for the day on Tuesday.  He fits into our family really well.  I remember one of the times he came over there was a cool conversation between Cricket and he.  The boy was holding a plastic snake and said something like, "did you know this is a reticulated python? that's my favorite kind of snake."  Cricket says, "Yes I did.  They are cool, but my favorite kind is the western grass snake (or something like that) because they live in Wisconsin." And the boys says, "yes I've seen those before...." and they have this whole conversation about things they both know about and love.  Keep in mind these boys are five years old.  His mom and I just kinda laugh and she mentions something about real "peers" and we both are grateful for this.  One thing that makes homeschooling easier is knowing there are other families out there who understand because they are going through it too.  "It" being this really indefinable "thing" that has to do with having kids like ours and being us and living life...and when I figure it all out someday(?) i'll write more about it...

And....Millie was spayed yesterday.  Oh, man.  Having a dog spayed is the equivalent of a full hysterectomy.  ouch.  Needless to say I had such mixed emotions about this and it was a tough decision for me, but ultimately I left it up to J who is being very gracious about letting us have a dog at all.  And of course, he said "no puppies" when I asked him his opinion.  LOL.  um, okay.  Anyway, she is doing well today and is even feeling well enough to be up to her regular puppy antics like pulling the baby's socks off and trying to steal the baby wipes. (yeah, she eats them. *sigh*)

And today we read more Prince Caspian and worked on our puzzle and made granola bars and had a visit with Grandma D.  They are upstairs playing in their room with her just now in fact.  I can hear her patiently trying to play Star Wars Legos (eek! all the pieces) while Cricket sings the Star Wars theme song at the top of his lungs.  Ever since we started our weekly walk together, play times with Grandma are going much better.  This way we get our gabbing done during our walk and they get her undivided attention when she is here. :)

Well....I'm going to go stir the creamy potato, mushroom, kale soup.  (just made this up, hope it's good) and then we're going to shape the pretzels.

Check back in later for some knitting pictures.....including a project that Badger finished!

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  1. Love it! My favorite snake is the bull snake because of how it mimics the rattlesnake.

    Kate loves looking at my animal field guides and bug books. I can't help but giggle and smile when her bedtime story pick is a field guide of insects or plants. hehe! ;)