Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting our New Year

Having Papa home with us is the best way I can think to start the New Year. Quiet days at home with all of us are just the best. There is more time for enjoying one another, when he is here to help in the handling of the many tasks that have to be done to just function in a house of four boys.  
There is always plenty of work to be done.  Take Mt. Washmore for example.  Yes, that would be the mountain of laundry that is always waiting to be washed or folded.  I am not exactly sure how such little people can make such a huge amount laundry.  And why oh why are there never any clean socks that are paired and without holes?  Well, don't worry, I won't spend too much time pondering this, as I have some baking to do yet today and some excited little boys who can't wait to help out with the grain mill.  ("it sounds like a space ship mom!")  But I did want to share with you how having papa home allows there to be time for things like making homemade tortillas.

Just two things about these pics.  First, I had no idea that Badger was so into posing for a picture.  He is so excited to pose for the blog and has many ideas for what we should post. ha!  Secondly, I am sorry that the pictures don't line up.  I apparently need to brush up on my blogging skills. ahem.

We used this recipe, which is interesting because it uses cornmeal instead of corn flour.  (Most corn tortillas are made from Corn Flour.)   Cornmeal is made out of ground popcorn! Did you know that?  I can't wait to try grinding popcorn in the grainmill.  Corn flour or Masa Harina is made by grinding a different variety of corn. (sorry i am not sure which type, but when I find out I'll let you know, because I can tell you are on the edge of your seat with suspense...)

They turned out great! (and by the way who took a bite out of my tortilla? i know *I* didn't take a bite out of it before I took this picture!?)

 I think I will like trying Masa Harina some time, and also am looking for a soaked whole wheat recipe to try.  They were a little tricky to get off the waxed paper, and I admit I had some moments of "oh dear, what is IN waxed paper anyway?" that made me wonder if there is a different way of doing it than I read about.  Any of you make homemade tortillas? Any tricks to share?

I'm off to try the space ship (er, grain mill).  We need some bread for the week.  For those of you that mentioned how you want to learn how to make bread... stay tuned! I am experimenting with a soaked whole wheat bread that doesn't require kneeding.  Too good to be true? We'll see.

Hapy New Year to you and yours.

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