Saturday, January 16, 2010

These Past Few Days

Sometimes something happens....I can't precisely say what the something is.....usually for me it is a series of circumstances and a stirring of my heart and the result is part of me is awakened and I see things clearly.  I love it when this happens, and I admit that it usually has very little to do with anything that I am doing.  Perhaps even it happens despite me.

I used to think that the "seeing clearly" was the point of it all.  Then for awhile I thought, "well it really means nothing if seeing clearly doesn't change anything....if it doesn't change me..." Perhaps to some extent this is true.

But this time, a few days ago, the something happened again.  It started with a day of chaos with the boys, some hormones, and a messy house. (stirring begins) Then a phone call from a friend sharing with me something about parenting that hit home. (more stirring) Then a little bit of feeling sorry for myself which left me more unsettled still.  

Then that night I stumbled upon this blog.  Bring the Rain.  I can't even begin to tell you the circumstances of this woman's life and yet the circumstances aren't even the most important part of the story.  I read her blog (a little more stirring) and her story changed me.

And I realized that it isn't about seeing clearly, or about waking up and changing to be better, it is about the relationship with God, the One who awakens me.

(i'm sorry if mentioning this makes you uncomfortable.  but if you are my friend, then you would want to know what is important to me, right?  i'm hoping this is so anyway...)

Also in the past few days...we got a new camera! Hurray! and a new french press! hurray, hurray! And I had some nice time with the boys...them playing and me watching them and talking with them while I knit.  And we made eggrolls.  Mom's recipe.  Which means, since I did it all by myself this time, that I am officially an adult.  ha ha!  Check out these pics.

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  1. lovely pics! those eggrolls look incredibly delicious and normally I dont even eat eggrolls so that is saying something. I want to grab them right out of the computer. ;)
    I too, recently stumbled on "bring the rain" about a month ago and...there are just no words. It's a 'place' that changes you. Our Fathers peace and blessing on you and your family <3