Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Building with Spice Drops

I got this idea from my sister-in-law, and well, the spice drops just happened to be on sale at Farm n Fleet. ha ha.  The boys had a fun time and I was glad to supply them with yet another way to build.  
This summer, when the boys were meeting a new friend, Badger was showing her his legos and he said, "I was born to build!"  :)  I love it that he feels so good about it. :)Little Owl spent lots of time with this and it was great!  He built walls and then the other boys made the walls into a castle.

Crickets' guy.  Complete with sword and gauntlet.  When Cricket builds he always makes guys.  Or animals, especially snakes which is his latest passion.  The black mamba is his favorite poisonous snake.  You'd have to ask him for the details about his other favorites.
I just love this picture of me and Hen.  Hen is such a sweet little mancub.  He is crazy active and loud these days, but sweet and little and fun.  And I love this picture because I think it captures the contentment that has crept into my soul despite some hard circumstances that have occurred lately.  Oh nothing life shattering...but the kind that weigh heavy on your heart and you wish you could do something to change it but realize that you can not.'s okay.  And despite the sorrow, I also have peace....a deep, still kind of peace...that steadies me....and makes me grateful for what I have and for the love that surrounds me.

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  1. what a fun idea!I might have to try that sometime with the kids in the future. Although I think that we'd end up eating most the spice drops more than building with them :P