Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some learning times and a romp in the snow...

Today was filled with many good things.  I actually enjoyed the day quite a bit. (and it's not over yet...)  A few challenges along the way...teething, diaper-rash-y baby was one of them, oi!  But many good things.  Since my camera battery has died, there are few pictures of all the splendid things.  So I'll just tell you.

Blueberry Pancakes
Teaching Owl how to write his name (he has not shown much interest in this before but today he was soooo into it!)
Working on handwriting with the other boys too (writing a letter to a friend who broke his arm)
Making caramel corn (to take to the same friend along with the get well pictures/letter)
Exercising together to the workout video (so fun!)
Picking up our case of organic hand-picked oranges from the store
Playing outside
Finding many different kinds of animal tracks in the woods (deer, vole, raccoon, rabbit...)
Reading the new Lego magazine during quiet time (that was probably their favorite part of the day!)

 I am a bit tired today.  Hen has been really needy lately and it requires me to catch a bit of rest when I can, so I can remain patient and giving.  There are stirrings in my heart.  I've been thinking about character and learning and how those fit together and about how my example speaks more loudly than anything I could ever say to these sweet boys.  There is more....but it's still in the works....
Off to put the pasta in the oven and have some quiet before the crazy "papa is home!" time.... 

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