Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the menu this week....

This week we are just going to have a supper menu.  I am trying to focus more time on the boys and finding time to knit so breakfast and lunch will be all the delicious, healthy things we usually have just on the fly.

S - homemade pizza
M- chicken florentine pasta
T- sloppy lentils on homemade whole wheat buns
W- potato soup a la crock pot w/salad and homemade soft pretzels
Th- Nachos w/beans and rice and fixin's
F- Roast chicken, mashed taters, and a veggie (this never got made last week...)
S- Chicken soup with rice (chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup with Ri-ice!)
S- Something with chickpeas and rice or lentils and rice....

and I'm going to try this fabulous chocolate cake recipe from my friend M.E. because I'm thinking of entering our local Death by Chocolate baking contest.  sounds fun, right?

What's cookin' at your house this week? I'd like to know! Leave a comment!

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