Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sometimes it goes like this....

This morning....
I woke early to have some quiet.  To make a nice breakfast for them.  To perhaps walk my furry friend.  I did have a little time to read, and start breakfast before I was rudely interrupted by my poor tummy.  yikes.  perhaps Hen's upset tummy was not just teething after all, and now I have "it"....i dunno.  So the morning quickly became a sort of tumbly mess where one "undone" thing led to another thing not getting done and the result was a bit of chaos.  Now, normally I handle chaos of that sort pretty well, (i do, right?) but when my gut is aching (screaming?) I may not feel like being patient or kind.  poo. (pun not intended)

Well, we managed alright.  Peppermint tea to the rescue. (Thank you God for making plants that heal our bodies) J left for work on time and  we sat down to some homemade sour cherry breakfast bars and talked about our day.  Oh, yeah!  A friend was supposed to come by this morning.  Ok boys get dressed and pick up the Legos!  And we quickly all chipped in and got the morning chores done.  

I am quite proud of the boys ability and contribution towards household tasks.  They are awesome helpers.  For the most part.  Sometimes, however, things go awry.  Like this morning. Here's the story.
I was...on the loo....(sorry to mention it but it's an important part of the story. )  And sorry to mention too that earlier in the day the dog puked. Twice. On the rug.  And although she promptly ate it (*shudder*) I still had to clean the grody rug. (what is up with dogs being such disgusting creatures? no really they are)  And I admit that I set the rag that I used to clean up the puke on the very edge of the sink. (it was mostly out of the way and I intended to put it into the towel load very soon...just didn't want to set it in with the laundry incase it got mingled in) The rag was stinky and gross.  Sorry.  Again, important part of the story.

So while I'm on the loo, I realize that Badger, whose job is it to clean the mirrors and wipe down the sink must have done his chore (hurray!) because the mirrors are all streaky. (hmmm.  I must check that out when I'm finished, I think to myself.)  Then (still on the loo) the door opens and in comes the dog. (what the? how did she do that?) and she proceeds to go not the stinky rag...the diaper bucket.  She opens the lid with her nose (what are you super dog?) and pulls a diaper out to lick it of course. (ew!)  And, I'm totally occupied (sorry) or I would get up and stop her but what can be done?  I yell for a boy of course.  And all 3 of them come in to help.  Of course.  And I life is a circus.  And they all run out of the bathroom chasing one another and laughing and having the time of their lives.  Well at least that.

And yeah...badger had wiped the sink "clean" with the puke rag.  ugh!  how could my brilliant 7 year old not notice that?  So by now it's like 20 minutes before my friend is to be here and I'm still in my monkey pants disinfecting the sink.  *sigh*  And I life must be a circus...just look at these horrible pants. (they're pink. fleece. with large monkeys on them. i admit i'm hard up for cozy clothes these days)  What if I'm still wearing these when she gets here? 

Well...I'm not sure how...but the house was reasonably tidy and I was reasonably clean and dressed when she arrived.  I think somehow God must see my situation sometimes and make time slow down for me so that I don't get caught in my monkey pants.
The morning ended with a nice visit with friends.  Some lunch. (Bread and Jam and oranges. that can be lunch right? peppermint tea for me)  Then I put a movie in for them so I could rest while Hen napped.

The afternoon....  well...since you hung in there for that long are some sweet pics of our "doings" this aft...

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