Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nothing. On Purpose.

Recently a friend of mine, asked the boys what they were doing for homeschooling.... And...they kind of looked at each other and then at me and seeing that I wasn't going to say anything Badger said, "nothing."  

Nice, huh?

Actually, I thought it was really funny and had to bite my lip to keep myself from laughing.  I'm not sure why I thought it was so funny.  I guess that is how I react to awkward situations.  For it was rather awkward, knowing that I couldn't explain all the many reasons why we do what we do (or perhaps why we don't do what we don't do?) and the inquirer I think was a bit flustered by Badger's honest answer.

Lately, we haven't had much structure to our learning.  On purpose.  Because I think it is the best thing for us right now.  You see, the boys were becoming way to dependent on me for things.  For everything really.  And I foolishly let them get that way.  I thought I was helping.  Oops. I am waiting for them to see what it is like when I don't do everything.  Everything being everything.  What it's like when I don't do the dishes, when I don't do the laundry, when I don't pick up after them, when I don't supply them with fresh ideas and fresh books and art projects and brainfood.  Afterall, the whole point of growing up is learning to think on one's own right?  So...yeah...I've been doing a whole lot less of trying to inspire themto learn something and a whole lot more of snuggling with them, playing with them, reading to them, and doing things for myself too. (like exercising and reading and knitting)  

I can tell they are starting to get bored.  Good!  Perhaps they will soon start coming up with something to do...on their own initiative!  Like today when Cricket decided to make a starship out of a cardboard box.

Do you see the stormtroopers in their ranks?  Use your imagination, those are not dominoes they are clones!
I also had some fun with cardboard today and made this bookshelf.  We have so many books and I was tired of them sitting on the floor.  I love making do with what we have.

We, well I, also took down the Christmas tree today.  It just felt like time.  We redid the space that it was in by putting together this little table and tea cupboard.  Isn't it cozy?  I think it may just be my new favorite space in the house right now.  Anyone want to come by for a cup of tea?
I also have been thinking alot about how to nurture each of the boys as individuals and about the dynamics of our family...but more about that in a different post perhaps.  I think *I* will go have a cup of tea and cozy in with the pup for a bit.  And perhaps get out Jane is January afterall...time for the annual Jane Eyre read.  Not because I have's just every January I feel like I want to read some Jane.  

*just an editorial note.  sorry that these pics are so strange.  my camera is acting up and the amount of light in the pictures is ....too bright or something....

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