Monday, January 25, 2010

Hen's Haircut and other Happenings is our beautiful boy before.....
See his whispy hair by his ears? :)  So sweet isn't it?  
Yet, at the same time, says J, there is something about the whispy thin hair, that reminds one of.....Gollum.   So it was time to get out the scissors.  Hen didn't mind at all.  He sat in Papa's lap while, I took one last long look at his beautiful babyness and then snip, snip.  Carefully collecting the fuzzy softness in an envelope for the scrapbook.
And here he is looking more like a boy.  *sigh*  It was bound to happen.  I just keep reminding myself to embrace what is and let what was slip into the realm of carefully tucked away memories.  To be revisited often. Not too often. Just often enough to keep the present rich with meaning and understanding.

Other happenings this weekend.....
Lingering over breakfast with my J and coffee(oooo, the french press is really great!) I love weekend mornings.
Baking oatmeal scotchies with Badger.  He continues to be so interested and successful in the kitchen.  It's fun to share that with him.

Papa had a great, long playtime with Owl and Hen sitting in his lap watching the traffic from the upstairs bedroom window.  Hen standing looking out the window at times while Papa and Owl play monsters on the floor.  I love watching them play together.  Owl is so in love with his papa.  All the boys are really.  He is such a good papa and I am blessed to have him as my partner.
Owl wearing his Harry Potter scarf that I finally finished!  He loves it oh so much. Hurray!  There was much HP play this weekend inspired by the new costume piece.  At one point, all three of the older boys were walking around the house under Harry's invisibility cloak (an old blanket) trying to get to Hagrid's.  :)

There was also a nice tea time yesterday where the boys set up a maze city on the table while they sipped their tea.  I'm not sure of the specifics of it, but it looked fun.  J and I attempted cribbage in the other room, but mostly we watched Hen as he walked around the train table and Millie as she attempted to eat Hen's socks.

And today is Monday again.  Fresh snow is falling after all the melting we had here this past week, and the white brightness of it reminds me of our Creator and I am "filled up" again.  And I'm glad to be starting our week in this way.  Thank you God...... for....for all of it.

Blessings on your week, friends. 

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  1. the playthings in the last picture look like fun. You remind me that my little boy will soon need his first haircut as well. I think I might hold off until his first birthday though. Ah! It's getting so close!