Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here are some of the drawings the boys have done over the past few days.  Each boy has their own unique style of course and I find it quite fascinating.  Watching them draw is like catching a little glimpse into their minds.  It's one of my favorite things to do actually.  

Badger's artwork....

some prehistoric animals
a woodland scene....complete with labels...he likes to do that sometimes....
this one he drew because the camera was out of batteries and he wanted to remember this playtime he was having with his brothers.  they are lying on the bedroom floor....cricket lying on top of badger....papa said, "i wish i had my camera." badger said, "it's ok papa. i'll draw it for you." :)  the perspective is kind of funky... an aerial view?
This one is very different from others he has done and I like it. 
He's been studying animal tracks and is making a field guide.  

Cricket's artwork....
some scuba divers and sea snakes and treasure and a squid

a pirate ship, a sea monster and a banded sea snake (sea the pirate with the sword? and the yellow crab?)

Knight and dragon. (i love this one)
medieval scene (i love the colors)

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  1. awesome artwork! I love the animal tracks one! I spent the whole of my childhood studying them. My favorite books were field guides of nature and tracking by Tom Brown Jr.
    He has some published for children too. if youve never heard of him...When he was a little boy he befriended the grandson of a full cherokee indian who was raised 'in the old way' and he taught them amazing things about wilderness survival and of course-animal tracking. I dont know if your boys would be interested or not, but that picture reminded me of those books. The field guides would all be age appropriate. if youre comfortable looking past a bit of 'indian spiritualism' which is sprinkled in there. "mother earth and 'the great spirit' " etc but no evolution.