Friday, January 8, 2010

In the snow

We finally got outside today.  It has been so cold here and yesterday we got about 6 inches of fresh snow.  It makes walking for Owl a little tough.  He wants to hold my hand the whole way, which makes it difficult for me to walk! (while holding Hen)  The snow came up to my knee in some places.  Someone get this girl some snowpants!  

I snapped these pics while they were getting was about 10 degrees when we ventured out...brrrr.....

sledding on the little hill by the neighbor's driveway....the towering pines make a beautiful backdrop to our play....

We came in and had tea and homemade soft pretzels and started "Prince Caspian."  This is our second time through the Narnia books.  This time Owl requested them.  He is really enjoying them and it amazes me how attentive he is at his ripe old age of 3.  :)

It was a sweet afternoon.

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