Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

My honey last night, relaxing by the computer.  We hang out on Saturday nights watching Dr. Who and snuggling on the couch.  We've both been kind of tired lately, so it was nice to have a restful night together.  (see in the picture one of the Harry Potter scarves i'm knitting for the boys?)
This morning when we woke the trees were beautifully covered with frost again today.  

I journeyed out with the puppy and she and I reveled in the snowy air.  The frost was amazing. Such beautiful shapes.

The last of the rose hips that the deer haven't found.  I've been growing this wild rose that sprang up in the most unlikely place. (in the gravel driveway) I transplanted it this past year to the side flower garden, much to the dismay of my friend who is a gardener (you know that's a weed, don't you?) It actually flowered this year and made beautiful rose hips.  I'm hoping to harvest them eventually.  They are super high in vitamin C and are good for using in all sorts of things.

Such beautiful shapes.

And here is a picture of our puzzle that we are working on.  The boys picked this one out because it is Hedwig. (of course)  Badger and I have had some really great conversation sitting working on the puzzle.

I love the weekend time.  We had a nice day yesterday of being home together and going sledding at the big hill here in town.  Today we went shopping at Farm n Fleet (strange, but the boys loved it) and did some household tasks to get ready for the week.  We are wrapping it up tonight with a family time of watching Nature on PBS, which is our Sunday night ritual.  Boys are all jammied and snuggled in on the couch.  I'm ready to get out my knitting and settle in too.  G'night.


  1. wasnt the frost just amazing? I love waking up to a hoar frost-just so beautiful! I didnt know your boys were HP fans ;) You should check out my harry potter scarf entry~I recently knit one for a friend. jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful pasttime, youve given me a mind to get one out again. God bless your week <3

  2. i miss sledding with all of our kids on that awesome hill...

  3. wow those frost formations are so fantastic! what a lucky morning, these are the things that make me miss the snow! you take great pictures too! thanks for taking the time to share your day!