Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Masks and a Menu

I wasn't going to post today.  Sunday is our day of resting up and being together and savoring our last day with papa before the work week begins.  I want to always be sure to be available for this. To be truly present.  So on Sundays, I try to play more, rest more, and to make the ambiance of our home one of warmth and comfort and rest.  I didn't think I'd find time to sit down alone and think and write, but I did.  The crockpot helped a bit.  Supper is just about ready, and I am here with my thoughts.  J is cleaning out his toolbox. The boys have a lego world set up on the blue blanket. 

It's funny how having this blog has caused me to think about our life.  (God uses all things, doesn't He?)  I am glad to have a place to write about "us", about our life, and about how God is working in us.  There is that strange "pull" to write about what everyone would want to hear...or about something new and interesting.  Why at the ripe old age of 34 do I still feel the need to please "everyone"?  Well, it is just a feeling and not a very strong one thankfully, so I shall just keep our posts pure and simple.  No masks, no whirligigs, no "art" for art's sake alone.  
And that being said, I feel the need to share our weekly menu with you. ha ha!  (Yes, we are the kind of family that has a menu.  Have you heard how many kids we have?)

S - Scrambled eggs, toast, and oranges
Pork Roast with homemade whole wheat bread and fresh veggies
M- Soaked oatmeal with raisins and walnuts
Salad with cottage cheese and veggies
Tacos w/ homemade whole wheat tortillas and fixin's
T- Soaked waffles with blueberries
Salad w/ ginger marinated chickpeas and veggies
Pasta w/ Chianti wine sauce & homemade bread & a veggie (beets perhaps?)
W - Granola w/ milk and bananas
leftovers & oranges
Black Bean & Sausage soup with Johnnycake
Th- Eggs and Biscuits w/ homemade grape jam
Pasta salad w/ feta and cukes and toms and olives
Stir fry (with whatever veggies are seasonal and possibly chicken)
F- Granola or oatmeal and apples or bananas
PB & J with fresh veggies
Homemade pizza
S- Soaked whole wheat pancakes 
leftovers & oranges
to be determined on the fly...(i said i had a menu, i didn't say it was perfect.)

So there you have it.  What's cooking at your house this week?

ps. it occured to me after writing this that some of you might misunderstand the "no art for art's sake alone"....i don't mean to say that you artful people (who are some of my dearest friends) are doing something less than best.  You are all lovely and I love seeing your beautiful creations and hearing about your creative process.  The truth is i am NOT an artist.  i wish i were. i try to be. and i think way too much about if what i'm doing is artistically pleasing or not.  and i am done worrying about it. that's all.  no more trying to "seem" artistic for this girl. I'm just going to let go of it and enjoy the process.  Seems like I have issues?  You have no idea. :)   
I think I'll go knit a pair of socks now. 

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