Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Steps

Motivation Monday strikes again!  Last week I shared with you all about the beginning of my journey to a more healthy lifestyle and I'm glad to be able to say that this past week has gone pretty well.  I am not quite ready to measure results.  And yes, maybe that is not very brave of me....but I am so easily discouraged about my weight and I want to focus on making good choices not on results for now.  I want to build habits into my life that will stay for a long, long time.  One thing that Kat has taught me, (yeah, I totally think she is my friend...LOL...and she doesn't even know me) is that it's important to take baby steps.  Making goals is important, but it's even more important to break it down into doable steps so we can be successful!

So...this past week my goal was simply to remember that I had begun.  No, really.  I forget sometimes that I am overweight.  Which seems really dumb, but for real, I forget.  So I have to be intentional with remembering that I am overweight everytime I decide to put something into my mouth. (or grocery cart)  This week my goal was to stop and think before I ate something.  And I think for the most part I was successful.  That doesn't mean I didn't eat that second thinmint cookie, but it was much less fun to do it, remembering that I really didn't need those calories.

This week my goal is to be consistent with my early morning routine.  (yes, I have a routine.  I have four kids.  If I want any alone time I have to be up at the crack of dawn)  I need to get up by 5:30 in order to have time to read my bible and walk the dog (or do pilates if the weather is too cold) before breakfast.  So.  That's that.  I did it this morning and it was super!  Pilates makes me feel about an inch taller every time I do it.  I jokingly asked J if I looked skinny after I worked out this morning (I really did feel soooo good!) and he said, "um...I think it might take more than one time" LOL.  Oh...right. *sheepish grin*

I hope that my sharing this with you, friend, somehow inspires you to make that change, whatever it may be, in your life.  We all have things that need to be worked on, don't we?  I encourage you to make a goal and figure out what your first baby step might be.  It's possible you know.  It really is.

If you are feeling brave, or want some support, leave a comment about what change you are working on and I'll pray for you.  You can also head over to Inspired to Action to read more about Motivation Monday (and win some free music too!).

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  1. ok so here is my piece. i am struggling with making good choices with my time and getting sucked into too much internet. i am on this really flexible schedule and my main job is to make art these next 6 weeks. it is a very different way of living and working since i am use to having many client projects and with them a specific schedule to uphold.

    i do not have anyone to report to or a person waiting for an outcome... it it all up to me and mostly it is a very solitary existence. b works from home so we are together and that is nice. there are meals to eat and erronds to run but i have to make a program and stick to it.

    i realize someone might be reading this and thinking wow how great, that sounds and on the other hand so easy to loose days to mindless activities that do not result in much.... i love to accomplish and and ambitious so the flip of "nothing" is a list so long that no human could accomplish in one day or one life time so i shut down, and DO NOTHING only amplifying the "nothing."

    i do know from experience that reemerging into my studio practice takes time and thinking... the space of the "void" (as one of my teachers once talked about the place where it feels like nothing is happening but really it is a rich time of recharge) before unknowingly to slip into creative life. to be successful at art making and good living i must make time for exercise in all forms, walking stretching, biking, dancing around the studio to good music, social visits with people i love, reflection and meditation, taking time to sit for a few min in the sun or look up at the moon, connection with nature while engaged in urban living is a saving grace. study, good eating and of course making!

    i know these things but every time i have a long break from the studio i seem to forget and flounder around for a while before i remember that there is this "process" this way that typically things go before being in the flow. so thank you rebecca for reminding me that it is important to be patient and brave and consistent and kind to ones self.