Wednesday, December 29, 2010

7 Things About Today and A Menu


1.  We ate pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, which is always such a happy start.  Hen polished off more than any of us I think.  :)

2.  We changed out the 2010 calendar for 2011.  Yeah, a few more days left, I know....but I was ready!  I read this post about Naming Years which was really interesting.  Go ahead.  Click on it and read it for yourself.  You might like it!

3.  We colored the windows.  Thanks Grandma J for the new markers.  Fun!
mosaic rocket Owl made
4.  We learned about air polution, the digestive system, and mosaics at the lunch table.  There is never a dull moment when you are with these boys, let me tell you!

5.  I learned how to crochet a Granny Square.  :)  And started making a rug out of an old sweater.

6.  We made bolognese sauce.  Yum.

7.  I listened.  I stopped what I was doing and listened every time a little one talked to me.  At least I think I did.  It's something I'm working on.  I always listen, but my body language doesn't always show that I am and it's so important!

Baked Ham and Eggs
And a menu.... It's been awhile since I've shared the menu with you all.  Have you missed it? ;)

This week our week started on Tuesday....

T   Yogurt Dippers (yogurt swirled with fruit puree & whole wheat toast to dunk)
     Pita pizzas and salad
     Roast beef (grass fed), baked fries, and fresh veggies

W  Pumpkin Pancakes                              
     PB & J & smoothies
     Spaghetti bolognese w/ fresh veggies

Th Oatmeal w/ raisins/nuts              
      Hard boiled eggs/salad
     Vegetable beef barley soup w/popovers

F   Eggs and biscuits                      
     Leftover soup w/ fresh fruit
     Jambalaya w/ homemade beer bread

S   Waffles w/apples & cream                                  
     Homemade pizza (pesto w/ veggies)

S   Oatmeal w/ fixins                
      Leftover pizza and salad        
     Chicken Tangine with butternut squash  (new recipe!)

That's what's cookin' over here!  What's on your menu? Leave a Comment if you like!  I love hearing about what you're cooking!

ps.  If you are having trouble leaving a comment will you let me know?  I have gotten a few emails recently telling me that leaving a comment was tricky and/or not working and I'd like to solve the problem!

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  1. the crochet looks amazing. maybe next time i see you i can have you teach me? my great gram was a speed knitter and she passed on long before i was interested in learning. also have you had a chance to try out that rope maker? just curious if it works well. i have a few yummy eats and will email. xo