Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas County Spelling Bee!

Wow!  We had such a fun night last night!  We went to see the boys in their Homeschool Co-op musical, and it was awesome!  I mean, really awesome!  

 This was the first opportunity the boys have had to be in a show.  They were super excited!  And ready!  Badger was one of the few younger kids who had a speaking part!  Go Badger!

 He was nervous, but he did really well.  His part was clear and spoken slowly and with intent.  Whoo hoo!  Cricket was in the chorus...see him?  He had so much fun and did an awesome job!  I could hear his singing over the other kids at times, that is how excited he was!

 After the show, there was an art show too.  

 Here are the other boys, at the reception....they really enjoyed it!  Owl sat watching with great interest, and Hen kept pointing and saying Badger's name when he saw him on stage.  So fun!

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