Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The days are flying by!  I can't believe it's almost Christmas!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  Sometimes living and doing is more important than thinking and writing about it all.

I've been busy working out!  I'm getting better at it little by little.  I so wish that I would see a result, but I know that is silly and I will need to work at this new healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

The boys are busy making gifts.  Yes, yes....all kinds of crafting going on over here.  I'm dying to show you pictures but then some of you would know what you are getting for Christmas!

J is busy at work and at home.  He has been busy making some things with the boys too, and of course just busy being at work everyday.  It may sound strange, but I am so encouraged by his faithfulness to get up and go to work for us everyday.  His patience and love keep me rooted, for which I am so thankful.   He has a few days of vacation time coming up and I'm sooo thankful he will have a chance to relax.

Millie is going stir crazy.  These cold temps have really limited her outside time.  She has a sore paw too which makes it worse.  We are trying some cream (used for sled dogs) to heal her cracked pad.  Poor girl.  She makes up for her craziness by being my constant companion in these long days.

It just seems so dark outside all the time.  I keep thinking about how every day is getting longer and lighter, now that the Solstice is past.  How Jesus's birth is all about the Light coming into the world.  To make a way for us.  These are the things I ponder as I go about the doing of these days.

I hope to share more with you soon, friend.  May God's Grace fill you up these winter days.


  1. i'm so glad to hear you had a good visit with your brother and his fiance! that's exciting, gaining a sister. we're missing your family!

  2. Oh thanks D! We are missing you guys too! I'm glad that you had your family there for a visit. Sounds like it was a super time!