Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homeschool Lately

Time is flying by!  With Christmas season here, we are in the depths of some pretty exciting learning these days.  First....christmas songs on the piano!

 Little Owl loves to color.  Loves, loves, loves it!  Here he is working on his insect coloring book.  Gotta love Dover Books.
 We also made Christmas cookies this week.  We have been studying Christmas around the world (inspired by se7en!) and have talked about how Christmas cookies are part of the tradition my mama did with me when I was a girl.  Grandma J would be so proud!

 The trick to sugar cookies that taste good?  Lemon buttercream frosting.  Seriously.
 Millie kept walking around and around the table, with her "i'm so cute" look.  Nice try, girl.
 We made snowflakes.  Lots of them.  Glittered them and hung them all around.  Fun.
And we've also just kept up with all the other things we are interested in.  Like learning to crochet, and tending to the chickens, and reading through the Narnia books for a second time.  There is so much more, but I can't stop to think about it just now.  J just walked in the door and we are planning a cozy evening together.  What a blessing to have a warm, pleasant house to be in.  With four boys and a man that loves me.  I am filled up.

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