Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Bit of Christmas

 Early Christmas morn.  I loved it that he was more amazed by the light of the tree in the dark, than the presents underneath.  Or at least it's what he noticed first!
 Little Hen was not sure why all the boys woke him up so very early.
 Papa home.
Papa home with us, was probably the best part of the holiday!

We did travel to my folks' house for the weekend and had such a nice time there.  My brother was home for the holiday and we were all so glad to see him.  There was much celebrating because he is engaged!  Hurray!  We are so glad to add Ms. S to our family.

The boys were lavished in gifts by the grandparents and have spent the last few days building with new Legos.  I am glad they are so busy as I am taking the week to exercise and plan for the New Year.  What a blessed time this past year has been.  So much to be thankful for.....the List continues....

#25....for the man who spent his time away from work to be with us.  how he plays with them.  reads to them.  snuggles them.  how he listens to me and loves me until I am filled up.

#26....for my mom and dad and how they love the boys.  for days spent in their comfortable house.  for feeling provided for.

#27...for good conversations with my soon to be sister in law!

#28...for this process of learning to be gentle with myself and for being gifted with determination as I work on losing weight.

#29...for the ability to eat so well.  for fresh greens in the winter, oranges so sweet, and fresh eggs that keep coming.

#30...for words.  for being able to read.  for a mind that is being renewed daily.  for people that are brave enough to write about truth.

#31...for going to the movies with my boys, J, and my brother!  So much fun!

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